Helping businesses and organizations, grow, retain, connect and find purpose through design. I focus on identifying patterns and using design thinking, to come up with solutions.
Her Story
Daniela is a digital branding expert and user experience designer, understanding its potential on and off screen. Born in Venezuela, raised in Miami. A travel and people lover, who enjoys mixing traditional and digital media to make powerful user connections. Currently a full-time employee at one of the top ten largest financial institutions in the United States, where she is re-designing the future of finance along with her team.
Previously Daniela worked in-house at a daily deal and wholesale e-commerce website, as designer and art director. This first role allowed her to test her branding skills, and gained her tremendous go-to market experience. She created many private label brands exclusively for their e-commerce audience and worked closely with marketing and product directors. Soon after, she opened Studio UNI, a full service creative studio in Miami. The studio made it possible to collaborate with other local artist to bring brands, ideas, and events to life. She has received numerous awards from organizations such as Start-Up Weekend, ADC and Adobe.
In the summer of 2017, Daniela launched @WomenUnwined connecting professional women, online and in-person. The small event welcomes women from all backgrounds, and it is a safe space to talk about ideas, give, and get advice. Back in 2017 together they disrupted the local Miami markets and have inspired many to go after cross-cultural collaborations they weren't comfortable doing before. To learn more visit

The One Club for Creativity
Tech Ladies - Founding member 2018-2019

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