+ Environmental Graphics
+ Package Design
+ Web Design
+ Email Design
+ Art Direction
+ Content Creation

Pin Design Collection

The graphics and collateral material have supported the chain's growth with scalable branded design systems, that can be used by many locations around the world.
Rewards Program
Responsible for all collateral design online and in stores to support rewards program marketing efforts. Responsible for original design and development of original rewards program page in 2016, as well as support marketing team with strategy and user data analysis. 
Rewards Emails Design
Package Design 
For Super-Bowl Campaign (2017), 10 All-Natural Cheeseburgers. 
Responsible for campaign photoshoot art direction, and production of all social media content.  
Social Media Content Creation and Art Direction
BurgerFi International
Creative Director: Michael Gagne

Designer and Art Director: Daniela Hernandez
Junior Designer: Michelle Caudill

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