+ User Experience Design
+ Accessibility Testing 
+ Visual Design and Art Direction
+ Branded Marketing Material 
User Interface Iconography
I created and put together the galleries used during the exploration and production of the app re-design
User Experience Design
Informed by research and stakeholders, I re-design the information architecture and constantly tested prototypes to collect feedback and strategic user data.

Over the first 6-months I re-design the booking, and processes for multiple partner services such as Brightline for Business, Passes and Groups. Creating unique and scalable experiences that would ensure the future success of the Brightline Trains Brand. 
Hight fidelity Wireframes
Due to short deadlines and lack of resources, my priority was to keep production and stakeholder approvals moving forward. It turned out to be more efficient during this process to create high fidelity wireframes that could be used as compositions for pitches to partners, and even team presentations while we continued to focus on the re-design. 


Train Status

Booking - Payment
(Not showing here)
+Booking Trip +Special Booking Services +Account +B2B Account +Bright ID +Parking

Visual Design
Supported marketing efforts during the Miami launch with visual design, developing design systems for all stations screen graphics and a few animation samples for all future in-station digital signage.

Station Event Screen Design

Station Screen Design

Design Thinking For The Future
For design consistency through all different medias while it's products and services continue to grow, we dedicated a few weeks towards the end of my contract to explore a more modern and scalable brand direction.
Dynamic Content Homepage
Dynamic Content Homepage
Group and Events Page
Group and Events Page
Product Detail Page
Product Detail Page
Station Detail Page
Station Detail Page
User Interface Design Exploration
In collaboration with UI designer
Reporting directly to Emily Henderson, 
Digital Marketing Director

UX/UI design contractor: Daniela Hernandez
UI design contractor: Laura Pulido
Associate Creative Director: Teri Hernandez
Supported by Technology and Sales teams. 
It's been rewarding to work on a project for the city and people I know and love.

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