A professional, on- demand laundry service, that means you’re just a tap away from clean clothes.
- Competitive Analysis
- Research
- Information Architecture
- User Experience Design
- Wireframes
- Prototype
- User Interface Design


IA Sketches

With 2 apps on each coast and local competition. We had to innovate in the laundry industry if we wanted a single download.

User Interface Design

After 2 design directions, we chose to go with clean white backgrounds and bold green colors. We wanted to make sure branding was present, to build brand recognition from day one.
We collected data, from the clients current laundry business located in Miami for the past
40 years. A family business that decided to use their data, and industry experience of a specific local market and use
it to innovate. Launching their services during the holidays of 2016, hoping to help users enjoy more free time in the holiday season.
Studio Uni
UI/UX designer: Daniela Hernandez
UI consultant: Lulato
Market research and business goals informed by stakeholders. 

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