+ Brand Guide Design
+ User Experience Design and Testing
+ User Interface Design
+ Launch Campaign Ideation 
+ Art Direction and Strategy
+ Visual Content Design
Miami is a City with 50+ events happening daily
To redefine community engagement by creating a diverse atmosphere that brings people from all walks of life to different events, all with just a click of a button
You want to explore new things in your neighborhood with your friends or your family but you don’t have the time to sort through Google, Yelp, or Eventbrite. Their innovation lived in looking to connect and curate the events and happenings in your city, but all this with a personal touch. We curate events for all of the users with out intrusion or asking for a prefix to their biography. We also understood that each user could bring a multitude of interest, ranging from personal activities, to family “Sunday fun-day”.
Engage users in a game-like application. I also understood that having the events chosen swipe right/left for approval, was self-intuitive for our audience, which is what we were looking for. The Interest and other filters options would connect the right user to your event.
Let's Roam App had over 100 users download and subscribe within a week of the Launch event.

User Interface Design, Iconography

User Interface Design

Created custom icons for each interest, that people would select as part of their other more common filters options like location, age and price. The app main navigation icons can quickly get users to their curated events feed of the day, view favorites, search new events and edit settings. Also added filters showing events only for Today, Tomorrow and This week, allowing user to find results that are a perfect match to their plans.
I kept the UI clean and minimalistic to help users focus on the events and not the app. It also helps create brand recognition from the strong contrast from red and white. All call to actions and titles are bold for readability to an all age user base.
Orlando . Miami . Tampa

Art Directed Custom illustrations to identify each city, representing each one with its most memorable landmarks.
In collaboration with illustration artist. 

Past Events, Branded Content

Manage Your Favorite Events

Roam or Die 
Launch Campaign
In a city where people lust for beauty and parties, true roamers are a rare find. Which is why we stick together, friends who discover and share together, stay together... ride or die. That’s how the saying goes, right?​​​​​​​

Studio Uni
UI/UX Designer and Art Director: Daniela Hernandez
Illustrator: Mai Sai
Type Designer: Michelle Caudill 

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